Hi, I'm Fríðbjartur Miðberg

I design and build digital products and I'm currently in the making of becoming a full stack developer 😊

who am I?

I'm 29 years old and from the Faroe Islands, currently living in Copenhagen with my wife and two kids. I'm studying the Top Up Bachelor in Web Development at KEA (Copenhagen - Denmark).

In my spare time, of course, I spend a lot of time with the family and besides that some of my great interests are workouts and hiking in the beautiful faroese surroundings.

what can I do?

What I do on a regular bases:

  • HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Django (python framework)
  • Databases

Experienced with:

  • Git
  • Terminal scripting
  • Docker
  • etc.


I really enjoy working with databases and data structure. Most of the times I use MySql(mariaDb). My main focuses are consistency, normalization, data types, types of keys and relations between tables.

my goals!

It’s always hard to predict what I need to learn as a developer. Personally I want to get more hands-on experience on React, git and just working among others developers out in "the real world".